Cotton  Industry  Six Alpha SA  was  founded in  1994 and began it's operation at the same  year.  Founders   and  main  shareholders  are   Bros  PIATIDIS,  eminents  civil engineers,  owners  of  the  construction  company  ALEXANDROS  with long time and successful presence at public constructions.

Cotton Industry  Six Alpha SA  main activity is  the process of cotton seed and selling all of cotton produced products.

On 1998 was completed  the construction  of a modern seed-oil factory and started to operate.  Cotton  Industry Six Alpha SA   expanded  it's  activities  to  the  stages  of production and selling cotton-seed oil and cotton cake.

The  company is constitute by  twenty (20)  workers as  the main staff  but at the time  of the process  of the cotton the main staff is constitute by more than sixty (60) workers.

At  the time  of it's operation, Cotton Industry Six Alpha SA has  to show a  significant presence at  protogenic agricultural field with a  main priority to give complete services and informations to cotton producers and to cover all the stages of cotton production.

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